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Intercare provides oral health support for the frail elderly | 1 min read

Intercare Woodhill dentist, Dr Cornè van Geer, and oral hygienist Maggi Oosthuizen took hands to provide oral care to the frail elderly at Serene Park Retirement Centre.

As you walk through the centre, the warmth of the care team welcomes you to the place many call home. Once you enter the frail care unit, eyes filled with a remembrance of a well-lived life, embrace you. A smile and soft ‘hello’ instantly make you feel at home.

Although the centre is filled with compassion and quality care, many elderly people cannot properly clean their mouths and rely on assistance from caregivers. Dental health influences general health, quality of life and psychological state. To improve the overall health of the frail elderly, Maggi Oosthuizen offered her time to upskill caregivers in oral health care. As Maggi Oosthuizen shared effective brushing techniques, Lyn Baker commented, “It is amazing what you find out after 70 years. It really is amazing”. The caregivers were just as grateful for learning more about good oral health practices.

The elderly also received oral health check-ups from Maggi and electric toothbrushes from the Intercare Group, while Dr Corné van Geer offered dental services such as tooth fillings to those who needed them.

“We are thankful for the generous and thoughtful support towards the residents in our facility, thereby assisting us in providing the best quality care for the frail elderly. It is a privilege to care for those who once cared for us.” – Werner van Niekerk, Care Vita Wellness Centre Manager.

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