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Dental technology changes the face of dentistry | 2 min read

We live in an appearance-based society where facial attractiveness affects social as well as business attitudes and actions. Dentistry, on the other hand, is a profession that changes people’s lives. 

Dentistry has changed positively in so many ways, especially in terms of consumer perceptions about treatment and dental technology. Dentistry is not just about keeping patients’ mouths healthy or helping people getting out of their immediate discomfort. Dentistry is more about improving the quality of life.

Embracing safety, comfort, and convenience

Modern dentistry is set to eliminate discomfort, anxiety and fear for the patient. Not only are dental chairs and the dental surgery environment more comfortable and pleasant; improvements in local anesthetic and sedation equipment and materials also provide more comfort and less anxiety than ever before.

The era of precision diagnosis and treatment

Dentists now have access to dental technology that provides precision in the diagnosis and treatment of dental and oral disease. Microscopes, magnification loupes, and three-dimensional scans allow dentists to see small details during examination and procedures which assists to detect potential problems before they are noticeable to the naked eye. It also assists dentists to perform procedures and treatments with extreme precision. 

Advancements in dental technology are making cosmetic dentistry more accessible to a wider audience. Today’s state-of-the-art techniques and materials, using a unique combination of science and artistry, can make a real difference and redesign your smile. 

Advancements in materials engineering

The advancements in materials engineering have made the use of adhesives, together with composite and ceramic dental materials, widely available. Composite and ceramic dental materials can be used to fill cavities, as well as to rebuild and restore teeth in natural ways. These materials are continually being improved to replicate tooth colour more precisely and to hold their shape better. Today crowns, bridges, and veneers are made with porcelain applications that provide the same translucency and vitality as natural teeth. It is now possible to repair an entire oral cavity “metal-free” without sacrificing a healthy tooth structure or strength. 

The modern option for extreme fear and anxiety

For those who experience extreme fear of visiting the dentist, conscious sedation is used to ease tension and pain. Whether you fear the noise of the drill, the discomfort of x-rays, unsightly fillings or just sitting in the chair, dental technologies have found solutions, leaving you with no excuse for living with a toothache or not visiting your dentist regularly.

Dr Johan Hartshorne, Dentist, Intercare Tyger Valley

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