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Considering the current COVID-19 pandemic, Intercare, a recognised leader in healthcare, is proud to announce the launch of virtual consultations. Intercare has a clear vision of reinforcing primary care’s essential role within the continuum of care, and firmly focus on integrated patient–centric family healthcare through a network of experienced healthcare professionals. Embracing modern technology to provide essential primary care to our patients is another way to provide easy access to health solutions without losing the human touch. It ensures the right level of care at the right time.

Medical Virtual Consultations

For almost 20 years, over 2 million patients have trusted our doctors’ personalised expertise in caring for them and their families. Now virtual care provides the reassurance of the same quality care and expertise our patients are accustomed to, but in the convenience of their home or work.

Virtual medical care is a remote video consultation between a patient and a healthcare professional. It is enabled by technology and the medical assessment is performed by one of our expert Intercare general practitioners. It as a convenient way to consult your healthcare professional and receive quality medical advice and treatment without a physical visit to the consulting rooms. Intercare would like to reassure our patients that this process is not changing the who, but rather the when, where and how of care delivery, ensuring the safety and well-being of our patients during the COVID-19 pandemic.

We recognise that you choose your doctor carefully and should not sacrifice personalised care for immediate attention. Virtual care does not replace face-to-face health care consultations but offers an alternative for those with pressing medical needs. It offers a convenient channel in which elderly patients, those with chronic diseases, patients with disabilities and those located far away can connect with a trusted healthcare professional. Remote repeat scripts can also be obtained, should this be required. It is also a suitable alternative during the COVID-19 period of social distancing to lessen the risk for our patients. Another important aspect is the assurance that this is a safe and legal channel, which has been specifically designed to meet our patients’ needs during the pandemic. As such, most of the medical aid funders will be supporting this form of treatment for this period.

Intercare strongly believes that continuity of care is important. We are recognised for our quality facility network, Intercare is one of few providers able to offer in-person follow-up consultations with the same doctor who you consulted virtually or the other way around. Practical aspects include new patients needing to complete an online medical history before consultation, to ensure the doctor has access to the relevant information.

Dental Virtual Consultations

Following our mission to continuously introduce new innovative products and services, Intercare now also offers virtual dental screenings. Dental screenings driven by Artificial Intelligence (AI) allow dentists to virtually determine the condition of a patient’s teeth and oral health. Caring for teeth has never been this easy and convenient. Patients simply use their smart phone to take photos of their teeth and upload it. An experienced Intercare dentist will evaluate the photos and a digital report of a person’s oral health will be created. The report and treatment plan are discussed with the patient through a virtual dentist consultation. Should urgent dental care be required, an appointment will be scheduled for treatment. Virtual dental screenings are currently offered at select facilities. We continuously expand our service by adding more facilities for convenient dental care.

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