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Children are naturally full of energy and are always looking for something to snack on. But what do you feed the tiny humans to keep them happy, healthy, and fuelled? Managing what our children eat is essential, as food:

– Affects their mood
– Fuels their energy levels
– Impacts their focus
– Improves physical performance
– Strengthens bones and muscles

Snack hacks that will please even the pickiest eater:

Successful snacking is all about the snack plan. Your plan should be easy to stick to, so try to keep it simple. Here are some ideas for daily snacking themes:

  • Monday – Make Your Own
  • Tuesday – Trail Mix
  • Wednesday – Dip Day (with healthy dips)
  • Thursday – Grain Day
  • Friday – Fun Day (fun shapes of healthy flapjacks)
  • Saturday – Smoothie Day
  • Sunday – Snack box Day

Start with fresh and wholesome snacks
Fresh can be fun if you do it right. Stick to whole and wholesome as often as possible for maximum nutrition. Fresh foods like fruit and vegetables often require some preparation, but once you’re done, you can store it in zipper bags or plastic containers for the week ahead.

  • Fun fruit skewers
  • Vegetable sticks and dips
  • Fruity smoothies
  • Granola/trail mix

Keep it interesting

  • Choose snacks with bright colours.
  • Chop or cut fruit, vegetables, sandwiches, etc., into fun shapes.
  • Offer bite-size pieces.
  • Prepare a daily snack box that your little ones can eat from during the day.

Pump up the protein
Protein keeps little tummies fuller for longer. Try these easy protein-rich snacks:

  • Nuts
  • Nut butter
  • Hummus (great with veggie sticks)
  • Cheese
  • Eggs
  • Cold lean meats

“We offer a healthier snack option for people who want to live better.” – Montagu

Visit the Montagu website for more information and healthy snacks for the whole family.

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