Turn the morning to-do list into a fun placemat! | 1 min read

This placemat with a checklist was designed for kids to help them get ready for school in the mornings. As they eat breakfast, they can look it over and remember the things they need to do to get ready for school.

Use our free printable placemat to prepare kids for the morning routine – making beds, brushing teeth, and tidying their rooms.

Here’s what you’ll need to use the routine chart:

  • Printer
  • Laminator
  • Dry erase marker

Simply print the placemat, let them colour and decorate it, and laminate it. You can now write your own checklist or routine for each child. Kids can cross off things they’ve already accomplished and take note of what they need to focus on next.

Hopefully, their mornings will go a little smoother with the placemats.

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