Milk Carton Village

Milk carton village | 1 min read

A few simple snips and a coat of paint transform milk cartons into a colourful village.

What you need

Paper beverage cartons, paint, cereal box cardboard, corks, coloured paper, glue, toothpicks and scissors.


  1. Have an adult push the plastic pour-spout into the cartons, cut the top “fin” and bottoms off the cartons, and cut the doors.
  2. Paint the cartons; let dry.
  3. Cut and decorate paper windows and doors; glue to cartons.
  4. Cut, fold and glue cereal box pieces on top of the cartons to create rooftops. (An adult should use a utility knife to cut a circle opening above an existing pour-spout to create a hole for the chimney).
  5. Pop a cork into the spout hole and glue into place. Add smoke by attaching a cloud cut from white cardboard to a toothpick stuck in the cork.

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