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Intercare Irene Day Hospital and Operation Healing Hands (OHH) | 1 min read

Changing lives through surgery.

Intercare Irene Day Hospital recently participated in a Mandela Day-inspired campaign with Operation Healing Hands (OHH) – a charity initiative that provides pro bono health care. Although a private institution, Intercare Irene Day Hospital subscribes to OHH’s ethos:

“People with medical conditions should not suffer unnecessarily simply because they cannot afford to pay for the help they need.”

In July 2022, we changed the lives of four patients living with physical and emotional pain because they could not afford medical care. The pro-bono procedures included the excision of multiple basal cell cancers, squamous cell cancer, and a skin graft.

In the grander scheme of plastic surgery, these may seem like minor procedures, but to the patients, these procedures have genuinely changed their lives.

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