Dr Hendrik Hanekom, Intercare Group Chief Executive

20 Years Celebration Message | 2 min read

I’ve been on a long and incredible journey and I cannot contain my excitement in reaching an especially important milestone. 

However I wasn’t alone on this journey at first there was one other man we shared the same vision and made plans together, we respected one another and in a step of faith, we set our sails and embarked on this journey. We called it Intercare. It was 20 years ago, 

People believed in our dream and supported us. Since then, many people joined us on the Intercare journey. From small beginnings, we prospered and as a team, we’ve excelled. Today I am grateful and humbled by the company’s growth and sheer resilience. 

This journey would not have been possible without the hard work of our doctors, dentists, and all other team members. Together we’ve adjusted our sails as the wind changed, made plans, turned hope into action, and never stopped trying. I find it easy getting up in the morning to come to work because I know incredible people support me.

As a leader in the health industry, we exist to make people feel better and pride ourselves on our culture of caring. Caring for our patients and each other. Our ultimate reward is the millions of customers who have trusted Intercare with their care and well-being over the last 20 years.

Intercare’s success can also be attributed to the never-ending process of investing in good relationships. We had investors supporting us, people believing in us, and several lucky breaks. We have been blessed in abundance. 

We realise that our brand and reputation are our most significant assets and that character eventually overshadows talent as our most valuable resource. Let us make it easy for constructive people to identify with us and distance ourselves from people with questionable values.

Intercare’s 20th anniversary is not about looking back, it’s about looking to the past for inspiration as we expand our footprint and clinical reach. We’ve reached a magnificent milestone in our company’s history. Let us celebrate the strength of our past and the promise of our future. 

Dr Hendrik Hanekom, Chief Executive

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