Tips for sexually frustrated couples

Tips for sexually frustrated couples: managing erectile dysfunction | 2 min read

What is erectile dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is the inability to get and keep an erection firm enough for sex. However, problems getting or keeping an erection can signify an underlying health condition that needs treatment. Occasional ED is not uncommon, but if ED is an ongoing issue, it can cause stress, affect your self-confidence, and contribute to relationship problems.

How can you keep the spark in your relationship?

  • Communication is key. The most important tool for satisfying sex is to communicate with your partner, especially when coping with ED or other challenges.
  • Try to relax. Anxiety is a significant contributor to ED. When you’re worried that you won’t be able to perform in bed, you’re less likely to enjoy yourself. 
  • Rediscover each other. Do you remember when you and your partner started dating and every touch you shared was exciting? Do you remember what it was like to explore and discover each other’s likes and dislikes?
  • Avoid unhealthy habits. Certain lifestyle habits can make ED worse. To help manage ED and enjoy a healthy sex life:

Quit smoking
Avoid heavy drinking
Avoid illicit drugs

  • Lose weight and exercise regularly. Obesity is a contributing factor to ED for many men. Losing excess weight and getting regular exercise may improve your sex life.
  • Get playful with your partner. Even if you can’t maintain a firm erection, you may still be able to orgasm. Even without intercourse, you and your partner can give each other great sexual pleasure. 
  • Don’t give up. For most people, physical intimacy is an important part of a happy and satisfying relationship. It’s possible to have a fulfilling sexual relationship even if you can’t maintain an erection.

Erectile dysfunction doesn’t have to signal the end of your sex life. Even if your efforts to treat ED are unsuccessful, you and your partner can still enjoy physical intimacy and satisfying sexual life.

Is erectile dysfunction treatable?

Almost all cases of ED are treatable, and treatment can lead to better overall physical and emotional health and improve intimacy for couples.

When should a couple consult a doctor?

Both partners can find it challenging to deal with erectile dysfunction in a marriage or long-term relationship. However, support from a partner can be very beneficial for someone undergoing ED treatment. Open, honest discussions and finding other ways to connect can help a couple retain or regain intimacy and closeness. 

If you are concerned about your erections or other sexual problems. Book an appointment with your doctor.


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