Peace of mind during the festive season | 2 min read

Traditionally, the holiday or festive season is a time for fun, food, beautiful decorations, socialising, and the opportunity to travel and visit with friends and family. But the holidays will look a little different this year. The Covid-19 pandemic has been stressful and isolating for many people.

Thus, whether you are going away on holiday or having a staycation or a “Zoomoliday”, don’t let illness, injuries, or a toothache ruin your holiday. There’s no good time to fall ill but needing medical or dental care or advice when you’re on holiday, can leave you in a difficult situation.

Be prepared and think prevention. Before you go away on holiday, visit your doctor, especially if you are a chronically ill or elderly traveller. Your doctor will assess your current health status and provide you with the necessary vaccinations, preventative medications, and advice to ensure good health and a happy holiday.

Our gift to you this festive season is peace of mind. Intercare medical and dental centres are open to taking care of your family’s healthcare concerns. Don’t waste precious holiday time. Book an in-practice doctor or dentist appointment online 24/7. For even greater convenience, we also offer virtual GP consultations for easy access to a healthcare professional wherever you are.

As the Covid-19 pandemic continues, it is important to celebrate safely this year. We urge you to act responsibly to protect yourself and your loved ones. While you’re on holiday, it’s important to take the same health and safety precautions for Covid-19 as you do at home. Remember to pack all the COVID-19 essentials such as masks and hand sanitisers, as well as abiding by the social distancing guidelines. If you feel sick at all, stay home, and stay away from any family gatherings. It is important to recognise who is at risk and to be respectful about safety guidelines around those friends and relatives.

It’s the season of giving and we are also giving thanks to you – our loyal patients – for trusting us during this pandemic. Remember to take care of your physical health as well as your mental health throughout the festive season. And may your days be merry, healthy, and safe. Our doors are open.

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