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Creating a great healthcare experience altogether

Founded in 2000 by Dr Hendrik Hanekom and Dr George Veliotes, the Intercare Group focuses on value and innovation. Primary care and wellness centres, dedicated units for sub-acute care and rehabilitation, as well as ambulatory day surgery centres, are key components of Intercare’s healthcare model.

We structure our services around the health status and needs of patients and offer accessibility and convenience through the location of our facilities, extended operating hours as well as high-quality clinical care.  Intercare has made significant investments in optimising how our patients can access our services, developing online booking capabilities, virtual doctor consultations and setting up a call centre dedicated to making bookings and coordinating the care of our patients.


Intercare aims to build innovative healthcare solutions through the on-going introduction of products and services into a network of world-class healthcare facilities. We strive to be a leader in healthcare and are committed to consistent levels of excellence and professionalism in service delivery.

The values that drive us

Patient First
We put our patients first in all we do.

We encourage continuous improvement and pioneer solutions to exceed our patients’ needs.

We uphold a spirit of openness, honesty and trust.

We treat everyone with care, dignity, kindness and empathy.

We strive to achieve the highest standard of service, working as a team and accepting personal accountability.

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Intercare medical centres focus on routine, chronic and walk-in care as well as on patient wellness.

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