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The Intercare Group operates four day hospitals, four sub-acute rehabilitation hospitals, one specialised hospital, and twenty-seven multi-disciplinary medical and dental centres across South Africa, intending to provide innovative healthcare solutions by continuously introducing products and services into a network of world-class healthcare facilities.

Intercare day hospitals carry out procedures that do not require an overnight stay. Surgical services offered by Intercare day hospitals prioritise patient safety and comfort, utilising procedure-related techniques and technology. This approach accelerates healing by getting patients home and back into comfortable surroundings as quickly as possible. 

Jaco Pretorius has recently visited Intercare Hazeldean Day Hospital and had a great experience there. “This was the best team I had seen, no problems, only the best and friendly from the start till the end, thanks to all the staff at Intercare,” he said.

Intercare strives to be a healthcare leader and is committed to consistent levels of excellence and professionalism in service delivery. Intercare sub-acute rehabilitation hospitals are designed for patients who have suffered an acute event due to an illness, injury, or disease. They have a determined course of treatment and do not require intensive diagnostic or invasive procedures. Our sub-acute rehabilitation hospitals also focus on patients with complex medical needs. These include patients who have suffered strokes or other forms of brain injury, spinal cord injuries, severe motor vehicle accident injuries, or those who require post-operative rehabilitation to help ensure maximum mobility and quality of life restoration. 

Christien Tustin took a relative to Intercare Sandton Sub-acute Rehabilitation Hospital to recover from an acute event and was pleased with the service at the hospital. He said, “The patient was treated with dignity and respect. Staff are well-trained and professional. The social worker, as well as the occupational therapist, phoned the family to report on the patient’s progress and to give home caregiving instructions.”

To achieve this, the hospitals have multi-disciplinary teams typically composed of a general practitioner, nurse, case manager, physiotherapist, speech therapist, occupational therapist, psychologist, dietician, and social worker. These professionals come together frequently as a team to discuss each case and conduct meetings with the patient’s family or caregivers.

Intercare also administers Medfem Hospital, which specialises in women’s health and offers gynaecological, fertility, and cosmetic surgery. The hospital works closely with the reproductive specialists of the Medfem Fertility Clinic to ensure a caring, convenient, and holistic experience for patients undergoing fertility treatment. 

Thobile Ntuli and her husband experienced infertility problems; they visited Intercare Medfem hospital and had this to say, “Where do I begin? I want to thank the Medferm team, particularly Dr Clark, for walking the most emotional infertility journey with my husband and me. Thank you for always being diligent. We have a healthy naughty 1-year-old whose life reminds us always to be grateful. Thanks, Dr C, you will be part of our family forever.”

Intercare’s purpose is to make people feel better; we are people-centred and structure our services around patients’ health status and needs, with the overarching strategy to enhance access to affordable, quality, integrated healthcare.

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