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Intercare Bedfordview Medical and Dental Centre is Now Open | 2 min read

Intercare Bedfordview Medical and Dental Centre, located in the affluent Bedfordview, on the 1st Floor of Village View Centre, 41 van Buuren Road, opens its doors on 4 August 2023.  

At this contemporary yet family-friendly medical and dental centre, customers can walk into one facility and receive multidisciplinary team-based health care.  The facility boasts state-of-the-art technology and equipment and offers clients a broad spectrum of services.   

The Medical Inc is headed by Dr Johann van Eck whilst Dr Archie Mouyis leads the Dental Inc.  


“At Intercare, our focus is firmly centred on patient outcomes. The ultimate goal is to maximise value for patients. Essentially, it’s about achieving the best outcomes at the lowest cost.  Intercare recognises that customer needs are dynamic and that offering a new level of convenience and accessibility to our clients is critical. Building on its existing digital capabilities and offering to clients, Intercare has created an environment for hybrid care, thus combining virtual and in-person experiences across the full continuum of care,” says Dr Hendrik Hanekom, Chief Executive, Intercare Group.   

The Intercare facility will be open seven days a week, including public holidays, and online bookings are available for medical and dental appointments.  For added convenience, a pharmacy is at the same centre. 

Medical services include acute & chronic disease care, ECGs, general medical services, insurance medicals, minor surgery, pathology, preventative care, radiology, vaccinations, and wellness screenings. Dental services include bridges, crowns, conscious sedation, cosmetic dentistry & teeth whitening, dentures, general dentistry, implants, oral hygiene, paediatric dentistry, periodontal screening & treatment, root canal therapy, and veneers. 

Most medical schemes are accepted. This is a cashless facility, and only card payments are accepted.   


Please visit our website for operating hours. 

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Tel: +27 (0) 10 158 0000 

Email: [email protected] 

Book online at

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