Dr Hendrik Hanekom - Chief Executive of Intercare Group

Festive message from Dr Hendrik Hanekom | 2 min read

This was a celebratory year for Intercare, and as we look back, we realise, once again, how we’ve
been blessed. During the year, we’ve celebrated Intercare’s 20th anniversary in many ways – in festive spirit with team members, birthday cakes and balloons; in style with stakeholders and friends; and with family members at the Intercare family days.

Reflecting upon the past twenty years, I’m grateful and humbled by the growth of the company.
This would not have been possible without the hard work of our doctors, dentists, and all other team members. I find it easy getting up in the morning to come to work, because I know incredible people are supporting me. Thank you for your dedication and loyalty, which have contributed to earning the company the respect it is enjoying today.

I realise more and more that, in the end, our biggest asset is our brand and reputation, and that
character eventually overshadows talent as our most important resource. Choosing what you do and with whom you work is so important. The success that we’ve achieved can be attributed to the never-ending process of investing in good relationships and surrounding ourselves with capable and trustworthy people. Let us make it easy for constructive people to identify with us and disassociate us from people with questionable values.

Our approach to leadership involves integrity and trust, and being a leader in the healthcare industry, also a culture of caring – caring for our patients and each other. Our ultimate reward is the millions of customers who have trusted Intercare with their care and well-being over the last 20 years. The support of our patients is the foundation upon which Intercare operates, and we sincerely thank you for that.

We’ve reached a magnificent milestone in our company’s history. Let us celebrate the strength of our past and the promise of our future. The lessons we’ve learnt in the past will be our inspiration as we expand our footprint and clinical reach. Make decisions with speed and
conviction, a wrong decision is often better than no decision at all. Never say die; be quick to adjust your sails when the wind changes; make plans, turn hope into action, never stop trying.

Let us learn to transform ordinary days into celebrations. To witness and honour what is still good in life. Let us embrace a positive attitude and recognise the potential, rather than focus on the problems. Let us live the Intercare values and use every opportunity to make people feel better.

May you and your loved ones have a joyous festive season, and may gratitude and hope be the spirit in which you decide to embrace the new year.

Dr Hendrik Hanekom

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