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Day surgery is not a new idea, but one that has been tried and tested over the course of decades in Europe, America and Australia. Procedures carried out in day hospitals are more cost-effective than when conducted in an acute-care facility; and, experience has shown that more than 70% of all surgical procedures can be performed in a day hospital.

Intercare has adopted this trend in healthcare and has four day hospitals that carry out procedures that do not require an overnight hospital stay. Intercare day hospitals’ surgical services prioritize patient safety and comfort, utilizing the latest techniques and technology.

The benefits to patients are far-reaching. New techniques mean that post-operative recovery is quicker, and so patients can return to work earlier. In addition, the shorter stay in a day hospital has been shown to minimise the risk of the drug-resistant infections that have become increasingly common in acute facilities.

Those who may have been involved in a motor accident or who have suffered a heart attack or stroke must, of course, still be treated in an acute hospital. However, when relieved of the responsibility for dealing with routine surgery and investigative procedures such as colonoscopies and bronchoscopies, this frees personnel and facilities to attend to emergency cases rather than leaving them on gurneys awaiting a vacant bed or theatre.

 Our hospitals have:

  • Three operating theatres
  •  20 – 24 Beds
  • State-of-the-art equipment and technology
  • Child-friendly wards and facilities

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