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Pain from the perspective of a physiotherapist | 1 min read

Physiotherapists are highly trained healthcare professionals, who provide treatment for patients suffering from a variety of conditions, including brain and lung illnesses, mobilisation after surgery and pain management.

Brain conditions, like stroke, result in hemiplegia where the brain’s control over the muscles affects half the body.  Muscles either get no input from the brain, or the nerves that communicate between the brain and the muscles work overtime, resulting in that part of the body being paralysed.  Physiotherapists can play a significant role in the rehabilitation process of these patients in assisting them to regain muscle control by doing the correct exercises.

Physiotherapists also assist patients who are suffering from respiratory infections, like bronchitis, to clear secretions in the chest by practising their drumming skills; the percussions and vibrations help loosen the secretions.

Their aim of physiotherapists is to improve a patient’s quality of life by using a variety of treatments to alleviate pain and restore function or, in the case of permanent injury or disease, to lessen the effects of any dysfunction.  Physiotherapists also assist patients to regain mobility after surgery by rehabilitating injured joints and muscles.

Apart from the above, a physiotherapist’s job is mainly to assist with pain management.  Physiotherapists may have to assess the physical condition of a patient in order to diagnose problems and implement a treatment plan.  Alternatively, they could also be re-training patients to walk, or helping others to cope with crutches, walking frames or wheelchairs.  Physiotherapists are also responsible for educating patients to prevent injuries and to help those people lead healthy lifestyles.

You should consult your physiotherapist to find the source of your pain, instead of taking pain medication, which simply masks the pain. 

By: Karin Stork
Physiotherapist at Intercare Woodhill

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