What Are Clear Orthodontic Aligners

What are clear orthodontic aligners? | 2 min read

Clear aligners are comfortable modern-day orthodontics and have been developed specifically for aligning your teeth predictably and smoothly. It works on basic orthodontic principles, but facilitates oral hygiene, causes less pain than fixed orthodontic appliances, and requires fewer dental visits. Instead of metal brackets, wires, or screws, you’ll be wearing a thermoplastic material to achieve the desired results – while going almost unnoticed by the people around you.

What are the benefits of Active Aligners™?

  • Comfortable
  • Removable
  • Almost invisible
  • Easy to clean
  • Less dental visits
  • Eat whatever you want

How do Clear Braces Work?

How does the process work?

Aligners are formed according to the tooth’s position, and the tooth continues to move until it lines up with the aligner. However, to get the correct shape, there are four steps to be followed:

Step 1 - General dental check-up

Visit the dentist for a screening to check the status of your teeth. The standard fee for a general dental check-up will be charged.

Step 2 - Intraoral scanning

The dentist will conduct an intraoral scan to capture a direct optical impression of your teeth. Alternatively, the dentist will use gel to create a mold of your teeth.  The mold and/or the intraoral scan will be sent to the lab. 

Step 3 – Lab results and treatment plan

Lab results will indicate how the teeth can move, allowing the dentist to determine the best treatment plan.  The plan and a cost estimate will be discussed with the patient, and once approved, the aligners will be ordered.ealth.

Step 4 – The final product

Once ordered, the treatment plan is an average of six months, keeping in mind that the aligners must be worn for at least 22 hours per day. Patients will be scheduled for monthly check-ups, and they will receive two sets of aligners for the month.

Clear aligners promote better oral hygiene and periodontal health and reduce plaque accumulation and the development of white spot lesions. However, treatment requires professional supervision, and orthodontic or other dental procedures may be necessary.

How do I book a general dental check-u for Active Aligners™?

Click on your preferred Intercare facility below for more information or to book a dental check-up.


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