Well-child visits: A check-up for a healthy future | 2 min read

Healthy children with average growth and development would be the dream of all parents. But healthy children don’t just happen. A child’s health requires increased attention, and preventive measures play a vital role in maintaining well-being in children. Your child needs to see a general practitioner (GP) and dentist regularly, even when he or she is healthy and well and not sick. These are called well-child visits or check-ups. Regularly scheduled well-child visits can keep your child on track with vaccinations and address age-appropriate health issues.

Medical and dental well-child visits help prevent illness and injury, track growth and development, and raise concerns. The goal is to find any abnormalities or disease early enough to make lifestyle changes and implement treatment. You will also have a chance to ask questions about your child’s behaviour, eating habits, sleeping habits, and more. Talking about ways to improve care and prevent problems helps keep your child healthy.

During a medical well-visit, the GP will:

  • Do a complete physical examination.
  • Check your child’s growth and development, including height, weight, and BMI.
  • Examines your child’s vision, hearing, mouth, reflexes, muscle tone, and strength. Urine tests may be done.
  • Gives vaccines as needed.
  • Orders lab work as needed (for example, a blood test).

During a dental well-visit, the dentist will:

  • Do a complete dental examination.
  • Give parents specific instructions on how to care for emerging teeth.
  • Educates parents on preventing oral disease and managing dental decay between dental visits.
  • Establishes a proper oral hygiene routine early to ensure the development of strong and healthy teeth.

Your GP and dentist will also:

  • Answer any questions you may have.
  • Find any health problems before they become serious.
  • Get to know your child so that they can take better care of him or her.

It is essential to find a doctor and dentist early in your child’s life that you both like. Going to the same doctor and dentist for every visit – sick and well, builds trust and creates consistency. The better your doctor knows your child and their medical history, the better care they can provide.

Do you know how healthy your child is? Schedule a well-child visit and find out because your child’s health matters.

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