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Intercare, a recognised leader in healthcare, focus on putting our patients first. Considering the current Covid-19 pandemic,Intercare now offers free virtual dental consultations as a value-added service. These consultations are offered on group level by a team of Intercare dentists and is not linked to any specific Intercare dental centre. Virtual dental consultations offer patients the opportunity to discuss dental concerns or symptoms with an experienced dentist before making an in-practice booking.

Patients who book a virtual dental consultation receive the following services free of charge:

• Consultation with an experienced Intercare dentist to discuss dental concerns.
• Advice on treatment options.
• Referral to an Intercare dentist in their area, should treatment be required.
• Cost estimates for treatment or dental procedures offered by Intercare.

For even greater value, patients can take a free online dental screening before the virtual
consultation by taking photos of their teeth with their smart phone and upload it.
An Artificial Intelligence driven report will be created and evaluated by the dentist. This allows insight into patients’ oral health for discussion during a virtual consultation.

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