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Globally, the COVID-19 pandemic is impacting society on many levels.  Intercare, however, remains the provider of choice offering quality medical and dental care, especially during the current challenging circumstances.

Intercare continually ensures that evidence-based and up-to-date protocols, as prescribed by the National Institute for Communicable Diseases (NICD), the World Health Organisation (WHO), are in place in the facilities.  Furthermore, COVID-19 screening processes have been implemented, sanitising equipment provided and the appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) supplied to all the facilities for the protection of patients, team members and healthcare professionals.

Each South African has a responsibility to do their part in not giving this virus a foothold in our communities 

In terms of the declaration of a National State of Disaster persons who have been: 

a.    clinically or by laboratory-confirmed as having COVID-19;

b.    suspected of having contracted COVID-19; or

c.    in contact with a person who is a carrier of COVID-19

must disclose this information to the reception staff, call centre team members and healthcare professionals.  This will ensure appropriate screening processes for your own safety and those around you.  All patients suspected of COVID-19 infection/possible infection will be consulted either face-to-face, telephonic or virtual.

Thank you for assisting us in curbing the spread of the virus.

Please note that online bookings are available for medical or dental care.

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