COVID-19: At Intercare we put our patients first | 2 min read

Dear valued patient

We have been guided by the Intercare values for nearly 20 years.  These values are at the heart of our business and will guide us now as we face the uncertainty and impact brought about by the Coronavirus (COVID-19).  

Globally, the COVID-19 pandemic is impacting society on many levels.  Intercare, however, remains the provider of choice offering quality medical and dental care, especially during the current challenging circumstances.

Intercare views the threat of COVID-19 seriously and while it does not ascribe to an alarmist approach, it would be irresponsible not to recognise the threat which a rapid, large-scale outbreak poses to South Africans, the healthcare system and the economy.

Ensuring safety and business continuity

We find ourselves at a juncture where the attitude and next steps of our government, business, healthcare providers and each individual citizen can and will determine the extent of COVID- 19 in our country.  Each South African has a responsibility to do their part. 

Intercare is both a healthcare provider and corporate citizen, with a responsibility to its healthcare professionals, patients and team members.  This is something we are acutely aware of and take very seriously.  The safety of our people and you, our valued patients, is thus our greatest priority.  

Official and medical guidance

Over the past couple of months Intercare has taken proactive steps to ensure our business is prepared to manage the risk of COVID-19. We have worked hard on ensuring evidence-based and up-to-date protocols are in place in our facilities for the protection of healthcare professionals, team members and patients.  Intercare’s Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) recommendations are based on WHO and NICD guidelines and are determined by the level of risk associated with a team member’s role, activities and area of operation within the facilities. 

Information and communication are critical and Intercare continues to maintain strong links with government, the National Institute for Communicable Diseases (NICD), the World Health Organisation (WHO) and other private healthcare organisations.  We are committed to keeping our patients and the public informed about latest developments and protocols relating to COVID-19. 


Dr Hendrik Hanekom

Chief Executive: Intercare Group

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